Sarah Jickling, neurotic songstress and theatrical front woman of pop-rock band The Oh Wells, is taking to the stage on her own as Sarah Jickling and Her Good Bad Luck. Over the past few years, Jickling’s whimsical indie-pop songs have been featured on radio stations across Canada and have earned her top spots in competitions such as Citr's Shindig!, Seattle’s EMP Soundoff,102.7, the PEAK Performance Project, SFU’s Launch Fest and most recently in Canada's Walk Of Fame Music Mentorship Program. Jickling’s new solo project pairs the unbridled emotion of her voice with synths and loops, and graduates lyrically from high school daydreams to honest accounts of a chaotic young adulthood. 

Without a rock band behind her, Sarah’s performances are intimate and raw, and she is more candid than ever about her ongoing struggle with debilitating anxiety and bipolar disorder. Sarah has become a local advocate for mental health awareness, and has opened up about her mental illness several times on CBC Radio, as well as on local television, podcasts, blogs and at live speaking events. Her interview on Interesting Vancouver Presents garnered the attention of many, and was re-broadcast nationally on CBC One’s Podcast Playlist. She also won the Anxiety BC multimedia award for her song “When I Get Better."  Paul McLellan (The Indie Mixtape, Go! Vancouver) calls Jickling an “epic rock star and brilliant conversation starter for mental health.”

Sarah’s first solo album documents the past few years of her journey to recovery, and explores what it means to “get better” when living with a chronic mental illness.  The album was released in tandem with a mental health themed zine co-written by Jickling and illustrator Amelia Butcher. Sarah can be seen performing her new sound and sharing her personal stories with Reach Out Psychosis, a program created by the BC Schizophrenia Society that tours high schools across BC educating on psychosis and early psychosis intervention. Music editor of the Georgia Straight writes, "Over the past couple of years the Lotsusland-raised singer-songwriter has proven herself one of the most interesting fixtures on the city’s music scene. Musically, Jickling traffics in a brand of pop that’s beautifully inspirational."


"Sarah Jickling's music will grab you by the heart and blow your mind. Her songs are fresh, brave, and memorable. Her voice will hit you like a sonic boom and at the same time make you weak in the knees. Hear her once and you'll never forget her.” (Deborah Holland, Animal Logic)


Photographer: Nelson Mouellic