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Sarah Jickling is a Canadian songstress and mental health advocate. Over the past few years, Jickling’s whimsical indie-pop songs have been featured on radio stations across the country and in independent films. The twenty six year old uses her music to spread mental health awareness, and has opened up about her experiences with Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety Disorder on radio, local television, podcasts, blogs and at live speaking events. Her new album, When I Get Better, was released July 14th, 2017. She can be found in hospital waiting rooms and pole dancing studios around Vancouver, BC.


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"Over the past couple of years the Lotsusland-raised singer-songwriter has proven herself one of the most interesting fixtures on the city’s music scene. Musically,  Jickling traffics in a brand of pop that’s beautifully inspirational. " - Mike Usinger, The Georgia Straight

"Sarah Jickling’s voice is childish innocence laced with pain; lollipops and whimsy with a razor-sharp edge. But despite the darkness running underneath the sweet surface, there’s an inherent joy in it too – a hope that seems determined to bubble over the edges and scatter some glitter into the black void beneath." - Julie MacLellan, The Burnaby Now

"Jickling draws from her own struggles with anxiety and bipolar disorder in this absorbing collection of songs; she successfully balances telling her own unique story with making the songs universal enough that we all can relate to their themes." - Great Dark Wonder

 "Sarah’s bubbly and animated pop projects light around a dark, ever-present and personal subject, which seems almost too perfect for any audience, be it high school students or adults." - Lexi Melish, Discorder Magazine