Interesting Vancouver Podcast: "The Disorder"

CW: Suicidal thoughts and overdosing

Interesting Vancouver recently invited me to be on their new podcast! The episode "The Disorder" features my candid conversation with Dave Swanson about my bipolar, my friend Molly who started The Oh Wells with me, and my songwriting. I just want to say thank you to everyone who finds my story interesting, and that I know that there are so, so many of you out there who are also struggling with mental illnesses, and if I could, I would make a podcast about every one of you. I also want to say thank you to people like Amelia Butcher, Evie Amundsen, Kirby Bobyk and Chris King who never stopped being there for me through out this whole thing. I'm still making a lot of changes to my medication and my attitude about this whole thing changes daily, but I am so happy that along with all of the horrible parts of bipolar there are amazing opportunities like this.